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Sinewave Online UPS
High Efficiency Ferro-Resonant based Transistorised Inverter
  IC Controlled output frequency
  Efficient switching power devices technology
  Online System. No Transfer time.
  Sinewave output
Low Harmonic Distortion,
Excellent output voltage stability
Inherent Overload/Shortcircuit protection.
Single PCB for On Site servicing
Low Mains Voltage Protection
High Mains Voltage Protection
Low Battery protection.
Choice of Automotive/Tubular/Plante or internally packed maintenance free batteries
Upto 4 hrs back Up time using high AH Batteries.
80% Inverter efficiency.
Facility to be used as Line Conditioner, incase of Manual By-Pass Operation.
Low weight and size.
Constant Voltage Current Limiting Thyristorised Battery Charger.
Technical Specifications
Input Voltage : 180 to 270 Volt A. C. Single Phase
  Input Frequency : 50 Hz ± 6%
  Output Voltage/Frequency : 220/230V A.V. Single Phase 50.00 HZ
  Output Frequency Stability : 0.5%
  Output Voltage Regulation : ± l%
Output Load Regulation : ± l%
Inverter Efficiency : Over 80%
Battery Voltage : 24 V D.C. up to 1KVA
48 VD.C. 1.5KVA/2.0KVA
60 V D.C. 3 KVA & above
Battery Type : Automotive/Tubular/Plante or SMF
Charger : Constant Voltage Current Limiting Thyristorised System
Short Term Rating : 200% for 25 ms
Power Factor of Load : Unity to 10.8 Laggling
Harmonic Distortion : THD 5%
Cooling : Forced
Relative Humidity : 90% Non-condensing
Protection : Overloading, Shortcircuit, Mains over/under voltage, Low Battery
Alarm (Audio) : Mains Ovec/Under Voltage Low Battery
lnverter System : Online, continuous duty
lndications (Visual) : Power on/off. Mains Over/ Under Voltage. Inverter ON/OFF. Low Battery Voltage. Battery Charging.
lndication (Meters) : Output voltmeter (Allcapacity), Output Ammeter (Above 1KVA)
Special Features : Use as Line Conditioner during manual by-pass.

Schematic Diagram
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