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Line Conditioner
Full inbuilt electrical load to line isolation.
  100 times noise attenuation capacity
  33% to 60% higher voltage fluctuation handling capacity
  Precise ± 1% voltage regulation
  No electronic or electro-mechanical components
Continuous highs peed and step less voltage regulation
Fully protected against overload, overvoltage and shortcircuits
Full protection to equipment against brownouts and surges.
Option to use for high current start up motor loads
Can be used as Step-up/Step-down transformer and for Current limiting applications.
Highest reliability expectations
Two years comprehensive warrantee
Turn key installation and service facility all over India
Technical Specifications
  Voltage : Series H160V t0 285V
Series K130 V to 285 V
  Intermittent : For all series300V
  Frequency : 50Hz
  Phase : Single
  Normal : 220V/230V/240V AC adjustable
  Regulation : ± 1%
  Total Harmonic Distortion : 6% Series H
8% Series K
  Voltage Correction Speed : 100V/Sec
  Response Time : 20-25ms.
  Energy Storage : 3ms
  Noise&Transient (Attenuation) : 40dB
  Operating Temperature Range : -20°C to 50°C
  Insulation : Class B
  Temperature Rise : As per IS 2026 Part II
  Operating Humidity : 95%
  Operating Altitude : 15,000ft, max.
  Controls : ON/Off
  Meeting : Output Voltage


  • Micro/Mini Computers
  • Main frame Computers
  • Personal Computers/XT and AT 286 and 386
  • Computer Peripherials
  • Spectrophotometers and Analytical Instruments
  • Electro Medical Equipments
  • Test, Measuring and Laboratory Equipments
  • Office Automation Equipments (electronic Typewriters/EPABX)
  • Instrumentation & Process Control
  • Programmable Logic, Controls
  • Telecommunication Equipments
  • Photographic and Scanning Equipments
  • Industrial Applications CNC machines.
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